We’ve compiled the most popular Medicare publications from the U.S Government in a single page where you can easily download the information.

General Information

If you’re new to Medicare, start with these useful guides provided by the U.S Government. These are updated yearly and provide comprehensive information on various Medicare related topics.

Medicare & You 2020

Revised 12/01/2019

Summary of Medicare benefits, coverage decisions, rights and protections, and answers to the most frequently asked questions about Medicare.

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Welcome to Medicare

Revised 12/01/2019

This welcome package is sent to people living in the United States and some U.S. Territories who are automatically enrolled in Medicare.

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Medicare: Getting Started

Revised 03/01/2020

This brochure explains the basics of Medicare benefits.

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HealthCare Choices

Choosing the right health care providers will impact the quality of your healthcare. Make sure you make the right decisions with these helpful guides.

Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home

Revised 10/01/2019

The booklet contains detailed information on choosing a nursing home, as well as costs and coverage.

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Guide to Choosing a Hospital

Revised 12/01/2019

This official government booklet explains the steps to choosing a hospital and why hospital quality is important.

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Coverage and Payment

These are the most popular guides provided by the U.S government on what services Medicare will cover. Understanding what and how Medicare will cover payments can help you control your costs.

Your Medicare Benefits

Revised 01/01/2020

This booklet explains health care services and supplies covered under Medicare Part A and Part B.

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Medicare and Home Health Care

Revised 10/01/2017

This is the official U.S. government booklet about Medicare home health care benefits for people with Original Medicare.

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Durable Medical Equipment Coverage

Revised 07/01/2019

This booklet provides an overview of what durable medical equipment is and which items are covered under Original Medicare.

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