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HealthCare, Inc. has been helping people make better health insurance decisions since 2006. We connect consumers with health insurance plans via our recommendation portal. At the same, we provide helpful information and insights. Our goal is to explain health insurance and healthcare options in an easy-to-understand way. We are not run by the government or insurance carrier. So we can give the public a wide swath of information.

Editorial Standards and Guidelines

We know picking the right health insurance is hard. We also understand how it can affect you and your family. So we aim to produce the most accurate and up-to-date content for our readers. Our content is written, edited and reviewed with the end consumer in mind. Toward that end, it goes through several rounds of editing before a final review by a subject matter expert.

Why do we write what we write?

We write about health insurance. We also cover other topics that may help inform you about health insurance. Healthcare and Insurance are complicated. We want to make sure that people have clear, accurate, and easy-to-understand accurate information.

All content is written and reviewed with three things in mind.

  • Accuracy: The healthcare and health insurance landscape are dynamic.  We want our readers to have the most current and accurate information.
  • Objectivity: We know healthcare is politicized but we don’t want politics to affect your decision. Our goal: to present all information in an unbiased and middle-of-the-road manner. How? By providing readers with objective facts and options they can use to make decisions.
  • Utility: We ask our writers and reviewers if a particular piece of content is useful. If the answer’s no and they would not recommend it to friends or family, we will not publish it.

Advertisers don’t influence our opinions or editorial decisions. But we may receive compensation from them if you use our tools or join a plan after visiting our site.

Who researches and writes our content?

We work with insurers, financial experts, policy wonks, and even doctors to produce great content and recommendations. Our team of writers have been featured in The New York Times, Health Affairs, Forbes, Money.com, and other outlets.

We also use the knowledge, experience, and expertise of healthcare and health insurance professionals to vet all content on our website. We rely on collective knowledge to make sure the information we provide is accurate, objective, and helpful.

Who is responsible for MedicareGuide.com?

We are owned and operated by a group of longtime insurance investors. Joining them is a talented and hardworking team with extensive experience in the health insurance, digital marketing, and content publishing space. Learn more about us.

Does MedicareGuide.com provide health insurance and health care services?

MedicareGuide.com does not provide individual or customized insurance, healthcare, legal, or tax, services. Every individual has a unique situation. So we recommend you consult with a qualified professional before making any final decisions.

Are the prices quoted on MedicareGuide.com fair?

We show you the same price for a policy that you would find through an agent or a government website. This is also required by law.

How does MedicareGuide.com make money?

We earn money when we refer readers to a locally-licensed insurance agent after they receive a plan recommendation. We present health insurance and Medicare coverage options (plans or third-party websites). We then match users to independent, licensed health insurance agents who help you finish the process.

MedicareGuide.com may earn money for leads, clicks, calls, and applications generated. We may also be compensated by advertisers for sponsored products and services.

Are you a government website?

No, MedicareGuide.com is not a government website.

How can I hear less from MedicareGuide.com?

Contact us here to be placed on our Do Not Call list.

If you called a phone number listed on MedicareGuide.com, then you spoke with a locally-licensed agent or broker not affiliated with our site. If you were not satisfied, we can inform the agent or broker to stop contacting you.