Walecia Konrad

Walecia Konrad is an award winning financial journalist and content producer specializing in personal finance. Konrad has focused on health insurance and health care since 2008, producing hundreds of articles to help consumers navigate the Affordable Care Act, private insurance, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, long-term care insurance and any other hot spot where personal finance and health care collide. From 2012 to 2015, Konrad was one of two Patient Money columnists for the New York Times print and web versions. In her columns, Konrad helped consumers understand and make the most of the implementation of the ACA and the subsequent and ongoing consumer challenges in the marketplace. The column also covered a broad array of other health care issues including unaffordable pharmaceutical drugs, medical identity theft and the uncertainties of the long-term health care market. For the past four years, Konrad has covered health care issues from a consumer perspective for CBSMoneywatch.com and CBSnews.com, offering advice and information to consumers on breaking health-care news, including the ACA exchanges, open enrollment, Medicare, Medicare Advantage and rising drug prices. In each of her articles Konrad is a champion of the consumer, offering clarity, expert insights and solid advice to navigate what may well be one of the most complex issues facing consumers today. Konrad also develops content for several financial services companies, including web, video, print and social media. Previously Konrad held staff positions at The New York Times, Money, SmartMoney, BusinessWeek and Forbes.

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