Janice Domke

Janice Domke, Certified National Social Security Advisor and licensed insurance professional for over 20 years, has extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry.  Having focused primarily on Medicare and Individual Health insurance, she has a deep understanding of the Affordable Care Act, all parts of Medicare and the plans that go with it.  She has helped countless individuals and small businesses over the years in choosing the right plans and explaining how these programs work.  In recent years, she has started to write to share this knowledge with a wider audience.
Janice lives in a small town in rural Minnesota with her husband, dog, and cat.  She is active in her local community, serving a Clerk/Treasurer on the City Council, as well as many volunteer activities and serving on various non-profit boards.  She enjoys spending time with their grandchildren, camping, fishing, sit-on-top kayaking on the local river, reading and crafting.

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